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Englewood Multiple Listings is our free portal for viewing listings from the Mid-Florida Regional MLS, sometimes referred to as the Englewood MLS.

We show all publically available listings from nearly every agent and brokerage in Englewood Florida. Unlike REALTOR.COM, our property listings are updated instantly and in real time.


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The website you are viewing is a free website provided by PROGRAM Realty solely for its customers. The purpose of this website is to provide its users the ability to search the publicly availabe Multiple Listing Service data via an easy to use application. We are not an MLS! We display listings from the Englewood Area Board of REALTORS® MLS that are designated for broker reciprocity (nearly every listing by every agent in the area.) The data comes directly from the Mid Florida Regional MLS of which PROGRAM Realty is a member. Once more to avoid confusion, you are NOT on an Englewood Area Board of REALTORS® owned website.